Ocado is a rapidly growing online grocer and we are looking for staff to work in our growing number of highly automated warehouses.

Global fulfilment solutions

New CFC Project
management ►

Implementation of new CFCs, ensuring delivery is on time, on budget and to specification. Coordination of the project, liaising with all departments involved (building/engineering, design, supply chain etc) and engaging with senior stakeholders. Involves management of the programme and design change.

New CFC Design
& testing ►

Evaluation of potential sites and design of layouts, processes and mechanical handling solutions for them. Covers external solutions related to inbound / outbound vehicle flows and vehicle related processes, and internal solutions related to inbound, picking and despatch across multiple temperature zones. Testing team ensure that the CFC is working correctly and reliably prior to the launch testing which includes all business processes, mechanical handling equipment, automation and IT systems. They then provide go live support.

Legacy CFC Project
management ►

Includes all work to improve and update existing Ocado CFCs. This will involve work to upgrade equipment, trial new technologies and refine and update processes. The main aim of the team is to ensure all existing sites can meet their end game throughputs, with the highest levels of efficiency possible

Property & network
Development ►

The property function are responsible for the acquisition, design and fit out of all office and spoke projects. Also involved is responsibility for the acquisition of any new land or buildings for CFCs and NFDCs. The network development function conduct the review and implementation of any new initiatives or efficiency improvement projects